Rainbow Six Siege Will Even Out The Operators

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The full patch notes for Rainbow Six: Siege February update has been release giving us a look at the kind of changes the developers will be making to the game this month.

While there is the usual bug fixing, it looks like this update will also be all about balancing things out for the Operators. After looking at the win rate of the Operators, the developer decided to make some changes. It was reported that Caveira had the highest win rate and that she is the most frustrating to play against which is why she will be gettng so much updates this time.

Other Operators like Clash will also be getting some major changes as Ubisoft are not that happy with the adjustment they amde the last time yet. This time, she will be buffed even more.

All other Operators will be updated as well. You can check out the full patch notes on their website to see what kind of changes will be made to the Operators.