Red Dead 2 Online Updated: What’s New?

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The Red Dead 2 Online will be getting a major update this week and here is what we can expect to see when the update arrives on the Xbox One and PS4.

The update will come with a new challenge called the Wild Animal Kills Challenge which is a new free roam event where you face off against other hunters to try to kill the biggest animals. Different animal sizes will give you different points. Killing another human hunter is not allowed.

There is also a new multiplayer mode called head for the Hills where players will take turns making a run through the no-mans-land to their safe house while the opponents will try to hunt you down.

Rockstar also added two more Showdown modes, Public Enemy and Sport of Kings which will also be coming in the next two weeks. There is also a new care package that players can pick up at the post office which will come with all sorts of goodies.