Red Dead Online Beta Gets New Mode Soon

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While Rockstar is not ready to take Red Dead Online off beta yet, they have been releasing updates after update for the online mode with the next update arriving really soon. Set to be released on the 26th of February, the update will come with a long list of new features.

One of the new in-game events that will be coming with the update is Fool’s Gold in Free Roam. The event will come with new golden armor that players can put on. If you kill players using the armor, you will get more points for Fool’s Gold. If you don’t have the armor, you will need to kill the person who is and claim it for yourself.

There will also be new fishing challenges that will come with the update as well along with three Showdown modes. New weapons like Evans Repeater rifle, Rare Shotgun will both be added to the game.

PS4 players will be getting a few time-exclusives goodies. No word on when those will be added to the Xbox One.