Red Dead Online Dev Admits Flaw With Economy

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Soon after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar added the new online multiplayer mode called Red Dead Online to the game. They made it clear that it will be a beta version and it is now clear why.

Not only are players coming across odd bugs and issues with the Red Dead Online beta but others also felt like the experience was far from great. One such area is the in-game economy as players pointed out some absurd facts like how baked beans are now more valuable than gold rings in the game.

Well, Rockstar has been listening and has now stepped out to say that they are aware of the issues that are plaguing the online mode of the game and that they are making all the necessary changes to make the experience better for the fans.

Of course, it is still a beta after all so we are expecting fans to point out more issue to help Rockstar perfect it.