Red Dead Online Free For Non-PS Plus Subscribers

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Rockstar Games have been trying to perfect their online mode for Red Dead Redemption 2 for a few months now. The mode was released as a beta in the game as they continue to make changes based on the feedback they have been getting and it looks like they are now ready to officially release it.

Rockstar is marking this occasion with a huge update that will include new co-op story missions, Free Roam mission, new characters, new Posse Versus Challenges and more.

To celebrate this, Rockstar will also be offering Red Dead Online to all PS4 players even those that are not subscribed to PlayStation Plus. This will go on from now until the 27th of May. Of course, you will still need to have the game to enjoy this bonus.

If you like what you see and want to continue to be a part of it, PlayStation is currently offering the PS Plus at a cheaper rate for Red Dead Redemption 2 owners in the US. A 12-month subscription will only be $$8 now instead of $60.