Resident Evil 2 Ground-Up Remake Totally Buries RE7

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There is really no reason to look forward to Resident Evil 7 anymore after the news the Capcom is putting work into developing a Resident Evil 2 remake that would be from the ground up.

That means that it won’t be a HD remaster like Resident Evil Zero, and god forbid it turns out to be like anything that’s done after RE4; however, we have no clue, as the very announcement of a total remake means that it could turn out to be anything – the possibilities are endless.

One possibility should be entertained after looking at what Capcom did in tandem with the announcement of a complete remake.

A fan-made version of the classic called Resident Evil 2 Reborn courtesy of Invader Games was taken down by the developer just after making the announcement of its new direction, so we can’t help but to be suspicious. Is Capcom doing this because that fan version was too close to what it has in store?

The approach taken by the Reborn version was interesting. It used limited lighting paired with an over-the-shoulder view, which we’re sure some fans may not appreciate, but it did enough to create a tense, suspenseful atmosphere.

We can’t be too sure of anything at this moment, but one thing we can be certain of is that because of this total remake Resident Evil 7 is not even in our radar anymore.