Resident Evil 2 HD Remastered Wins Big With Trailer

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There have been a lot of talks regarding the potential development of Resident Evil 2 HD Remastered but Capcom has yet to offer anything concrete about it.

Well, that was no longer the case back in Saturday last week after a trailer surfaced online to give the Resident Evil fans a good look at Resident Evil 2 HD Remastered. The clip went viral instantaneously and it left the entire Resident Evil community angered.

This cannot be helped as the video we are referring to is a fan-made April Fool’s joke. The clip basically took a scene from popular TV Series, Friends, before dubbing it with audio from the original Resident Evil 2.

However, because the joke created a massive impact on the internet, we can’t help but name it as our April Fool’s joke of the year under the gaming category.