Resident Evil 2: Unlock It All For $5?

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If you do not want to play thorugh the game to get all the other features unlock, there is now another way for you do it.

Capcom has just released the new microtransaction feature for Resident Evil 2 and one of the things that you can spend money on now is the new “All In-Game Rewards Unlock which will give players access to the 4th Survivor, Tofu Survivor and the costumes, weaponsa nd concept art.

The weapons inlcudes the Samurai Edge handgun, LE-5 submachine gun, ATM-4 rocket launcher and the minigun. All you need to pay to get all of those goodies will be $5 which is not really much. The microtransation will be released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The remake has been very well received by the fans. Despite some initial skepticism about the change of camera angle and style, it looks like Capcom still manages to keep the game intense, gory and fun.