Resident Evil 7: First Gameplay Footage Planned For E3?

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It is no secret that Capcom is developing the next Resident Evil sequel, Resident Evil 7. After being bombarded with criticism for changing the style of play in the last Resident Evil Trilogy, Capcom has promised to bring back horror in Resident Evil 7.

We are very excited for it but we are not expecting much from Capcom. After all, it has been a long while since horror was the way in the Resident Evil gaming series and Capcom might have lost the definition of horror.

Well, the final verdict will be out soon since Capcom is being linked to release the first gameplay footage for Resident Evil 7. An insider from Capcom teased earlier today that they could come up with some scare tactics at this year’s E3 and obviously, the lad was referring to Resident Evil 7.

With that being said, we can’t wait to check out E3 this year as we are desperate to know if Resident Evil 7 can be like the first Resident Evil trilogy. Horror is urgently needed to restore the Resident Evil Series back to greatness.