Resident Evil 7: Pick Your Secret Boss Fight!

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If it is up to the Resident Evil purists, they would want to restore the horror gaming experience in Resident Evil 7. The purists have been disappointed with how the last Resident Evil Trilogy traded horror for a fast-paced action gameplay. Our only question, what is the perfect way to cement Resident Evil 7’s horror status?

The best idea for us is through bringing back past villains in Resident Evil 7. Our personal pick would be Nemesis and William Birkins. Sure, both names are killed off in the first Resident Evil Trilogy but we are confident Capcom can find a creative way to bring back Nemesis and William Birkins back to life. Also, the duo should act as a hidden boss fight in Resident Evil 7.

Such a setup will definitely make Resident Evil 7 terrifying to play but the game will end up being hauntingly beautiful. Of course, this is just our idea for Resident Evil 7. If you get to decide on the returning characters and villains, who would you pick?

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  1. Artificial

    May 1, 2016 at 7:36 am

    That’s the dumbest comment I’ve seen published about a video game ever. You’re basically saying the only thing missing from the RE games since RE3, and the only defining reason why RE games are no longer ‘horror’ games, is because they don’t have the exact same enemies? Are you actually serious? Please tell me you’re not that ignorant. And no, while Nemesis and Birkin were great in the games that made sense for them to be in, there is no excuse to bring them both back, somehow still alive at least 14 years later, that the fans wouldn’t see through as complete and utter fanservice, because Capcom must be too incompetent to come up with new ideas. Such a setup would not automatically make a game “hauntingly beautiful”. We ‘purists’, might not enjoy how Capcom has and is deviating so much from the originals we hold in higher regard, but that doesn’t mean we don’t accept change is necessary in games series, and we certainly don’t think the answer is to just make a replica of things that were good once upon a time, regardless of how inexcusable it is. I guess we have still have at least one thing to be grateful to Capcom for, that you don’t work for them.