Resident Evil 7 To Hit The Screens At E3?

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It is no secret that Capcom is developing Resident Evil 7 and now, rumours are indicating that the game will get its footage unveiled at E3 this year.

The word is that Resident Evil 7 is already at its final stages of development and it will be ready for screening at E3. If this is true, then the gaming event will see if Resident Evil 7 is to feature a horrifying gameplay.

Capcom has finally realized that the Resident Evil fans are unhappy with how Resident Evil 4 to 6 ditched horror for a more action-packed gameplay. The game developer has since pledge to bring back horror in Resident Evil 7.

What worries us is that Capcom could be out of touch with the definition of horror and we fear for a big disappointment at E3. The only way to find out about this is to catch the first gameplay footage for Resident Evil 7 at the event but this is only if the rumours are true.