Resident Evil 8 May Go Against RE7’s First-Person View

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Resident Evil 7 is described by major reviewers as the best Resident Evil video game yet and this is owed to the title having a nice balance in horror, mystery and action.

But like every other game on the planet, not everyone likes how Resident Evil 7 is made – particularly with the first-person viewpoint. Their feedback has been loud on the internet and it may have an influence in how Resident Evil 8 will be made.

This is especially after details on Resident Evil 2 Remake emerges online to show that the series can do really well with a traditional third-person viewpoint. The feedback on this upcoming title will certainly play a role in establishing the camera view for Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is a game that is slated to make its debut before 2018 ends and it will paint a clearer picture on the direction which Resident Evil 8 will take.