Resident Evil & Evil Within Director Getting Ready For An Announcement?

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The latest tweet by the Resident Evil and Evil Within director Shinji Mikami has to lead to some people speculating that he might be announcing something at E3 this year.

The tweet hinted that he has just done the first day of rehearsing. While the tweet itself does not reveal what the rehearsal is about, some people added that the timing of the rehearsal seems to be too near to E3 2019 and have further speculated that it might be for E3.

Of course, Tango Gameworks is owned by Bethesda so he might be working on something for the publisher’s press conference too. As for Tango Gameworks, nobody seems to know what the developer is really working on right now. Their Evil Within games has been pretty well received so it will be interesting to see what the developer will have to offer in the near future.

As for E3 2019, there have been a few interesting leaks this week including a few interesting games and possibly announcements.