Rockstar Games Talks About Next-Gen Projects

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With the Red Dead Redemption 2 now release, it looks like Rockstar Games is ready to start working on more projects.

The developer recently announces a job listing for some new titles which they are describing as “next -generation” project. These job postings were spotted by Gear Nuke that Rockstar India is looking to hire people to fill in the technical artist positions along with a vehicle artist which makes it sounds like they might be working on GTA 6.

With Microsoft and Sony already hinting that they will have their next console ready by 2020, it made sense that Rockstar would already be preparing for these new generations of console. With them taking years to complete one game, the new consoles would probably be out when the new games are ready.

Rockstar’s latest Red Dead Redemption 2 game is doing pretty well despite some of the initial issues.