Sea Of Thieves: Disappointing Beta Questions AAA Price Tag!

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Sea of Thieves is the next major game to arrive on the Xbox One and it has the prospect to be Microsoft’s game changer in the battle of exclusives against the Sony PS4.

The concept alone has got many gamers excited as Sea of Thieves promises a pirate-themed plot and a simulation of life as a sea dweller. With such an idea, it greatly explains why many has participated in the game’s beta testing. We are among those that gave the beta a go and we have to say that the game is not like how we imagined it to be.

For a game that is bound to retail with the MSRP of a AAA title, Sea of Thieves don’t exactly have much to offer at all. The items in the game can get upgraded but the improvements they bring to the character are insignificant. You can play the game for hours and buy new equipment but the new items will only give you an image boost only.

If that is not bad enough, the gameplay in Sea of Thieves require you to capture treasures on islands and there is nothing more to it. The repetitive gameplay will certainly hurt the gameplay experience in Sea of Thieves.

With that being said, we don’t think that Sea of Thieves is worthy of the AAA label. This is unless the developers can pull off a major surprise that can make Sea of Thieves far more exciting than the sea-elements in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.

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  1. Nobody cares

    March 14, 2018 at 3:21 am

    I was excited to play and had huge hopes for this game, until I played the final beta. I got bored really, really fast. There is nothing in this game that makes me want to play it. Its not going to get me to buy game pass either. After watching a crew on twitch fight, for what seemed like an hour at a skeleton fort and not get anything when promised “too much treasure for one ship to carry” I lost all care to ever play. This game is one big fetch quest with ship battles that lack excitement. There is no way in hell or elsewhere, where this game should be 60$. Maybe 20. If they would of made it an mmo instead of just pirate PvP they would do alot better. This just sucks. It won’t be long before this game is on the background.