Sea Of Thieves Halo Crossover Announced

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We got to see and learn more about what Microsoft will have to offer the gaming industry and one of it is the crossover in Sea of Thieves.

It was revealed that the game Sea of Thieves will have a Halo-inspired Spartan Ship set which looks pretty amazing. The ship is already available now so you can go and get it.

To get the Set, you will need to play the Sea of Thieves Arena mode before 23:59 BST this Saturday. Those at E3 that played The Arena will also get the new set.

Included in the set is a Spartan Hull depicting Master Chief, Spartan Sails with the UNSC logo, the greenish ship and more. Microsoft also talked about some of the things that we can expect from Sea of Thieves in year 2. Of all the announcement made, which one are you most excited to hear about?