Sea Of Thieves Is Rapidly Exceeding Its MSRP Valuation!

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A couple of months ago, when Microsoft launched Sea of Thieves as the newest exclusive games on their platforms, the gamers went online to blast the pirate-themed game for being wrongfully priced.

The $60 MSRP makes Sea of Thieves no different to a multi-platform AAA game but the content which it has to offer has been lackluster. The good news here is that updates have been rolling out to inject more contents into Sea of Thieves and the state of the game now is more fun than ever.

While it is still a few contents short, the current state of Sea of Thieves and the amount of fun which the game has to offer is finally fitting of the $60 pricing. If that is not great enough, the developers have promised a long list of contents for the game in the near future with the next one coming out in about a fortnight from now.

The upcoming update is titled the Hungering Deep and you can check it out in greater detail below.