Sea Of Thieves: It’s No Man’s Sky All Over Again!

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So, Sea of Thieves is finally out and the game has failed to meet the expectations of the masses. While there may still be some that appreciate what the game has to offer, major online forums have shown that more gamers dislike the game and this includes us.

We have picked up a copy of Sea of Thieves on launch day and we have to say that the pirate-themed video game feels like a wasted potential due to the lack of contents. For AAA pricing, this is unacceptable as all we get is a loop of automated generated content that requires our group of pirates to do the same thing over and over again.

We don’t know about you but it feels a lot of No Man’s Sky back during the game’s debut day and the only upside here is that you can actually play with your friends.

The good news here is that Sea of Thieves can still get better through content-focussed updates and we sure hope that the developers will work towards it. If not, we won’t hold back in calling Sea of Thieves as a waste of money entirely.