Sea Of Thieves: One Lie Which Developers Can’t Dodge!

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Sea of Thieves is in the middle of a controversy at the moment and this is due to the players being unpleased with the offerings in the game. After being hyped for many years already, Sea of Thieves came out without any real content which can justify its ‘AAA price-tag and label’.

The thing here is that the developers, Rare, has managed to deflect claims of Sea of Thieves being like No Man’s Sky. Rare defended the game tirelessly with a statement which reads that they did not make a lie about the title at all.

This is somewhat true, until today when one player achieved the title Pirate Legend in the game. Rare once quoted that achieving Pirate Legend is when the true game begins as the player will get rewarded with a new class of ships as well as getting access to real mission voyages in the game.

Well, the real outcome is that the player got a cosmetic set for a ship and the new voyages are no different to the ones without Pirate Legend status.

This is an outright lie from Rare and there is no way they can dodge it. It will be interesting to see what the developers have to say now, or will they be quiet about it?