Sea Of Thieves: Soft Feedback Sugar-Coats Harsh Review Score

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Sea of Thieves made its debut a couple of days ago and the majority of gamers that have adopted the game early are regretting making that decision. Based on their reviews, Sea of Thieves is like a barren land in the gaming scene as the title is severely lacking in content that can justify is AAA price.

We have personally made an attempt with Sea of Thieves and we can’t help it but to agree with the statement above. The idea of Sea of Thieves is great but the execution is largely poor. You can think of it like No Man’s Sky during its early months in the gaming scene. It’s purely disappointing.

The unfortunate bit here is that these honest reviews are being eclipsed by the soft feedback of mainstream review channels. On the surface of things, Sea of Thieves has received a 65 rating from OpenCritic and 70 score from Metacritic.

The numbers may not look great but it doesn’t look bad either and this may convince you into getting Sea of Thieves. Well, if the game is half the price of its current MSRP, we wouldn’t have brought this article up.