Sea Of Thieves Stabilized In New Patch Ahead Of Content Release!

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One of the biggest criticism for Sea of Thieves is the fact that the game debuted without enough content to justify its AAA price tag and it gets worse when the gameplay itself is lacking good balances.

Developer, Rare, has heard the criticism and they have been working hard in trying to improve on the offerings in Sea of Thieves. For the company, the first step is to stabilize the basics in the game through reconfiguring the imbalances as well as removing the major bugs.

Well, Rare has come through with their promise when they released Patch 1.05 for Sea of Thieves earlier today. The patch brought in a number of huge fixes and some that are worth mentioning include adjustment of the ammo box and the removal of the skeleton spawn bugs.

Once Sea of Thieves is fully stabilized, we can expect Rare to proceed into adding numerous content into the game. Until then, you should not rush purchasing the game for your Xbox One.

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  1. FN2187

    May 9, 2018 at 8:43 am

    This game is fun.