Sea Of Thieves: Stealthy Pirate The Highlight Of New Update!

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Sea of Thieves has successfully become the most controversial game of 2018 – much like how it was for No Man’s Sky back during its debut day. The game has failed to live up to the expectations of the gamers hence putting the big question mark on the title’s retailing price.

The good news here is that Rare is continuously releasing updates to improve on Sea of Thieves. Once again, this is just like No Man’s Sky and the sci-fi exploration title is now good-to-play today. Sea of Thieves may still be far away from that level but the continuous updates have successfully improved on the gameplay experience.

Soon, a new update will get released and it will inject a couple of new contents into Sea of Thieves. The first is to give players the ability to create private crews. The second is the ability to hide gamertags when the controlled character is underwater.

The latter is expected to be the biggest change coming to Sea of Thieves yet and if you’re interested to learn more about it, you can check out the clip below.