Sea Of Thieves Threatened By No Man’s Sky Vibes?

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It didn’t take No Man’s Sky long to start a controversy and this is due to the awful gameplay experience which the title had to offer during its launch day. Today, however, No Man’s Sky has improved by a great margin although the game is still far away from reaching its full potential.

What No Man’s Sky did during launch day is something that could’ve been prevented if the developers are to give more thoughts to the gamers. The damage has already been done and all we can hope is for other developers to not repeat the same mistakes.

Well, this now looks unlikely to happen as a growing number of gamers are beginning to fear that Sea of Thieves is going to replicate the mistakes of No Man’s Sky.

The action-adventure video game is now in its development tests and those that have accessed to it are full of praises on the gameplay mechanics. However, when it comes to meaningful contents, Sea of Thieves is said to be very empty and this must be addressed prior to the game’s launching somewhere next year.

Should the developers fail to deliver, it will only lead to the failure of Sea of Thieves and this won’t do them any good.