Sea Of Thieves: US Players Can Skip Day-Long Delay, Here’s How

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Sea of Thieves is one of the most anticipated games in the world right now and the game is confirmed to make its debut here in the US tomorrow.

Unfortunately for us, our overexcitement for Sea of Thieves has led us into applying some unique algorithms paired with some mind-breaking physics on our Xbox and we are now able to play Sea of Thieves ahead of everyone else. Today, we are going to share that formula with you.

The only ‘legal’ shortcut into getting Sea of Thieves right now is through turning on your Xbox One and change the region to Australia. The game’s release has commenced over in the Oceanic region, which means that the US will be the last area to receive the game.

While we may have already obtained Sea of Thieves on our Xbox One, we have yet to start on our pirate adventure due to spending a lot of time on the character creation screen. Perhaps getting a head-start on this front is not too bad at all.