Sea Of Thieves: You Will Need To Re-Install It

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A new update is ready for the game Sea Of Thieves but unlike the last few updates, you will actually have to reinstall the game this time and the update will make some major changes to the game to reduce the overall size of the game as well as to make future updates easier to implement.

The size reduction is actually pretty drastic as it was shown on their website. The PC version of the game will go from 47GB to 27GB while the Xbox One version of the game will go from 35GB to only 10GB. However, they also added that future update patch for the game could be larger. This change will make installing the game much faster.

Ever since the game was released, the developer has also released a few more updates for the game including the PvP arena mode, a new type of quest, new enemy types and more. They also have a lot more planned for the future including a battle royale mode because no game can come without one now.