Should Inquisitor Take Charge Of Dragon Age 4?

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The Trespasser DLC in Dragon Age 3 Inquisition has painted a rough idea on what we can expect in Dragon Age 4 but it doesn’t tell us on whether the upcoming sequel will feature a brand new protagonist.

If past Dragon Age titles are to be referred to, it is highly likely for Bioware to offer a new character for Dragon Age 4. But then again, the Tweets from Mike Laidlaw has opened up the possibility for the Inquisitor to remain being the protagonist in the future sequel.

Mike mentioned that he has resigned from his position in Bioware right after finishing the plot for Dragon Age 4. The lad added that the story in Dragon Age 4 will continue into Dragon Age 5 thus suggesting that the next sequel will answer every unanswered question in Inquisition while also offering a build-up for the fifth instalment.

At this rate, the Inquisitor (or perhaps ex-Inquisitor) will assume the role of protagonist in Dragon Age 4. The setup may also allow the plot to bring back the old protagonists such us the Hero of Ferelden and The Warden.

But of course, it is still too early to speculate and we can only hope to hear your thoughts on this. Would you welcome this outcome in Dragon Age 4?