Silent Hills’ P.T Returns With VR Support Now!

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As if the Silent Hill P.T was not scary enough, you can now amp up the scare factor with VR as the entire playable teaser from Konami has been remade for PC using Unreal Engine and it also comes with VR support.

The remake was created by a fan of the tease called RadiusGordello on and has been working on the teaser since April last year. You can play the teaser with your standard mouse and keyboard but also with the PS4, Xbox One, and VR motion controllers are well.

The remade teaser looked almost identical to the original teaser but unlike the original Konami playable teaser, the remade version will have a more predictable engine so you can actually complete the whole teaser instead of just stumbling into it like in the original teaser.

You can check out the video for the remade Silent Hills P.T below. Despite the success of the teaser, the game was later canceled by Konami which was also followed by the departure of Kojima from Konami.