Silent Hills Remastered Destroyed By Konami!

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One of the games which many would love to see redeveloped is Silent Hills. The horror-themed title gave gamers a huge fright back in late 90s and many would love to experience the scares again through a high-definition copy.

This is something which Konami has never managed to create hence leaving a fan to take things into his own hands. The individual gathered a team of developers to create Silent Hills Remastered with Unreal Engine 4 and it promises to be frightening.

But unfortunately for the developers, they have faced the axe after Konami warned them against going any further with the project. The details are unclear at the moment but judging by the sound of it, Silent Hills Remastered looks like it has the potential to be huge hence Konami had to act to protect their revenue.

The only good that will come from all of these is if Konami gives in to the demand of the fans and bring out Silent Hills Remastered. What are the odds of that happening?