Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fire Emblem Fest Part 2

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Another week has come and that means another event for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game. This time, the event will continue from the last as we will be seeing the second part of the Fire Emblem Fest featuring Spirits from the RPG series.

During the event, characters from the Fire Emblem RPG will appear more frequently on the Spirit Board and players will be given extra Gold for taking them down. Some characters that were featured in the first part will be brought back like Azura and Canada. Besides those, we will also see Leo and Takumi.

The event will be starting on the 17th of January at 10 PM PT and will end on the 21st of January.

As for the Fire Emblem series, the next game for the series, Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch this year. We got to see it at E3 2018 but there is still a lot that we do not know of.