Smash Bros. Ultimate Holds First Event Tournament!

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One of the newest features that came with the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game is the 4.0 update which comes with a new online tournament mode and they would hold special event tourneys with the first now starting this week.

The first theme for the event tournament will be Heroes vs Villains and here is what we can expect. Each match will have a 2: 30-time limit which means only some of the characters will be able to participate in this tournament.

Heroes and villains that we will see include Link, Mario, Fox, Meta Knight, Pit, Dark Pit, Sonic, Wolf, Bowser Jr., Hero and more. The event will go on from now until the 12th of August and those that do participate will get a Spirit. The further you are int he tournament, the better the Spirit.

Of course, to take part in this event, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Besides the tournament, fans can also expect to get a few more DLC characters including Banjo and Kazooie. There are more to come but Nintendo has not announced the name yet.