Sony PS4 Preps PSN Subscribers For A Fresh Start

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Studies have shown that individuals are likely to make significant changes to their personality when entering college. As an example, an introvert nerd in high school is likely to evolve into a likeable and outgoing person in tertiary education.

We bring this up because the situation is no different here in the gaming scene. Since online gaming became the new norm across all platforms, gamers have evolved on a personal level when socializing with others. And for the majority of gamers, they may have aged to a point where they find their initial gamer-name sounding unattractive and are hoping for a long-term change.

An identity change, or some would say rebranding, is crucial for most gamers and this will soon become available for those on Sony PlayStation Network. Sony is on the verge of launching a name-change program on PSN that will allow gamers to change their names once before charging gamers on subsequent name-change.

The free ticket to a new name is something which many have been crying out for a long time already and Sony is finally delivering the opportunity. The name-change program is expected to commence at the start of 2019 and we will update here once we’ve gotten a more precise date from Sony.