Splatoon 2 Protest Ends Ugly-ly For Anti-Cheater!

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One would say that Splatoon 2 is a wasted potential due to the growing number of cheaters plaguing the game. For one fan, he was so tired of going against cheaters that he decided to hack the game’s leaderboard to send Nintendo a message.

We have covered on this last week and it looks like Nintendo has offered a response on the matter. But instead of issuing a statement, Nintendo took it upon themselves to ban the account of the hacker on Splatoon 2.

This has left a large number of gamers on the game divided in their views towards Nintendo as they feel that the gaming company is too stern towards the protester. After all, the leaderboard hacking on Splatoon 2 can be prevented if Nintendo made more efforts in stopping cheaters. On the other,

Hackers and cheaters have been a huge issue for the Nintendo Switch and something needs to be done about it. Otherwise, honest players with decent hacking skills are going to get punished for it.