Star Wars Battlefront 2: It’s Officially Safe To Play!

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 was launched a few months ago and it was the game that led the entire gaming community into protesting against developers’ greed.

EA became the villain in this movement because their loot boxes business model that was implemented on Battlefront 2 was deemed by many as excessive and spoiling the basics of gaming.

Since then, EA has been trying to fix its reputation by removing every element of chargeable loot box but a large section of the crowd is still unconvinced that things will remain peaceful in Battlefront 2.

Well, today, you can put your worries away and be less cautious for Battlefront 2 because the game is truly safe to play. As someone that has bought the game on its debut day, the Star Cards and Credit Parts are no longer chargeable with real money and you will have to earn them by hard grinding.

Update 2.0 was released earlier today to Battlefront 2 and it brought no changes this aspect of the game. This means that no elements of microtransactions were wrapped up in Update 2.0. For a major title update, this is a positive sign as it makes Battlefront 2 unlikely to reverse into EA’s microtransactions ways.

So if you have yet to try Battlefront 2, you are encouraged to pick the game up as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the further you’ll fall behind as other players are continuously progressing in the game.