Star Wars Knight Of The Old Republic 3: Is There Hope?

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After the success of the first two games, the fans of the Knight of the old Republic or Kotor for short could not wait to get their hands on the third game of the series but the game ended up getting canceled by Obsidian Entertainment.

Just when it looks like we will never see the game go Gold ever, Microsoft stepped into the picture and took over Obsidian Entertainment. Of course, Microsoft has not said anything about reviving the game but the fact that the game could now be in the hands of Microsoft gave a lot of fans hope that we might see the game after all.

Since Microsoft lack any popular exclusives game, KOTOR3 could really help bring in a whole new group of fans. If Microsoft chooses to offer the game as an Xbox One exclusive, it will be a big blow to the PS4 users but at this point, any version of the game is better than none.