Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 3 Can Return By Way Of Microsoft!

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KOTOR 3, or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3, is a game that many was really excited for in the early 2000s and this is owed to the massive success of KOTOR and KOTOR 2.

But for complex reasons, KOTOR 3 got cancelled and it never managed to turn gold. Nobody knows the exact cause of cancellation and fans are really bumped out by it. If you’re among them, you may want to renew your hopes for KOTOR 3 because there is now a huge chance for the game to get materialized.

It was reported last week that Microsoft is on the verge of taking over Obsidian Entertainment and this may allow them to revive Knights of the Old Republic 3. The third instalment that never happened was, after all, cancelled while it was under the management of Obsidian.

One more reason to why this potential happening shouldn’t be taken lightly is because of the popularity of the KOTOR series. Microsoft has been losing their share in the console realm due to the lack of exclusives and they can turn their fortunes around by turning KOTOR 3 into an Xbox exclusive game.

We can expect to see more clues on this potential happening surfacing online once Microsoft completes the buy-out of Obsidian Entertainment. Fingers crossed on our end here.