Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 3 Given Another Chance?

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If there is a chance that Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic 3 would actually happen, it might actually be now. With the success of the first two games, fans could not wait to get their hands on the third game but sadly, the game was shelf before it could turn gold.

Well, we thought that that was the end of the story here but that was before Microsoft step in and took over Obsidian Entertainment. While nothing has been announced yet, some fans are saying that Microsoft could resume the development of Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic.

Since Microsoft does not have enough console exclusive games to compete wtih Sony, KOTOR3 could be the answer they need right now. The popularity of the series would get them all the attention they need.

The fans are hoping that this is the second chance that they have been waiting for but of course, we will have to wait and see what Microsoft will do.

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  1. J. Adam

    December 17, 2018 at 9:55 am

    EA has exclusive rights to Star Wars games.