Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 3 Still Possible?

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Fans were disappointed when it was announced that Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 3 was canceled. The success of the previous two games had got the series a huge following so the cancellation was a huge disappointment for many.

No real reason was given as to why the game was canceled but it looks like there is still a chance that the game might still happen. New reports claim that Microsoft might be looking to take over Obsidian Entertainment.

If that happens, Microsoft could actually revive KOTOR 3. With Microsoft losing their share int eh console realm due to the lack of exclusives, they can actually turn their fortunes around by making KOTOR 3 an Xbox exclusive game.

While that would not be good news for PS4 fans, the KOTOR fans will at least be able to see the third game happen and that is more than what we could ask for.