Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic: Is There Still Hope

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Before Microsoft took over Obsidian Entertainment, we would say that there is no chance that we will ever be seeing Star Wars Knight Of The Old Republic 3 or KOTOR3 for short but now that it is in the hands of Microsoft, fans of the series are probably hoping that Microsoft would revive it.

The first two game of the series was pretty successful so you could see why the fans were so upset when it was announced that the third installment of the game was canceled. Although Microsoft did not say anything about reviving the game, some people think that Microsoft needs games like this to boost the sales of their console since they lack exclusive.

With the game already having such a huge following, releasing the game might not be such a bad idea after all. Of course, since we have not heard anything from Microsoft, it will be best if you just take it all with a pinch of salt see how things pan out.