Star Wars Open-World Game Not Going To Happen

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We were expecting to see a few more Star Wars game with one of them bring an Open-world game developed by EA Vancouver or at least that is what Kotaku is saying.

According to the reprots, three of their sources confirm the news. The report claim that the game was origianlly a reboot of a Star Wars game that Visceral Games was working on but they turn it into an open world game as they want it to be a game that players can come back and play for a long time.

Later on, it was reported that the will be pushed back and now it looks like it will not even arrive. Of course, we have not heard from EA yet so we cannot confirm anything right now but the rumors is that EA has shifted their attention to a smaller Star Wars game that can be release earlier.

Of course, there will be other Star Wars game coming our way ilcuding the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order from Respawn Entertainment.