Star Wars: The Old Republic Finally Has An Expansion

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The Star Wars game, The Old Republic was released years ago and the developer have been releasing new content for the game until 3 years ago when we stop seeing any more new expansion.

Luckily, the expansion hiatus will be ending soon as the edvleoper announce that a new expansion will be added to the game this year. Called Onslaught, players will be put in the center of the war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

This expansion will come with two new planets, new Flashpoint, a new Operation and more abilities. The developer will also be increasing the level cap. The developer also revealed that they will be adding a new gear slot.

The new expansion will be free for The Old Republic subcribers. We still do not know how much it will cost if you want to play it as a non subcriber. The Onslaught expansion will be released this September.