Steam Confirms Valve Tapping On VR Gold Mine!

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Just like how Tesla has pushed the entire automotive industry into producing more electric vehicles, Valve is spearheading the VR revolution over in the gaming industry.

The game developer has spent years working on a virtual reality system that is best played on the PC and it now looks like they are on the verge of experiencing a gold rush.

This was indicated by Steam which quoted that there has been 160% year-over-year increase in monthly active VR users. Keeping in mind that the number of VR-active gamers on Steam has surpassed the millionth mark last year, it makes the increment looking really impressive.

VR is certainly the future of gaming and Valve wants to be the leader in this scene. If you are still unconvinced, the sharp growth of VR players on Steam does not include Vive users. Now picture that.