Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch Will Be A Balancing Game

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Nintendo Switch’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player can look forward to the next patch update. Here is what we know the Version 3.1.0 patch will be bringing.

We do not have the full patch notes yet but according to Nintendo, the new patch will focus on fighter adjustments which sound like they will be balancing out some of the fighters in the game. Nintendo also added that the update will make previous version replay data incompatible so do take note of that.

If you want to keep those, Nintendo is advising you to convert their replays video by going to the Vault > Replays > Replay Date > Convert to Video before you update the game.

We will have to wait for the update to officially arrive before we can know for sure what they will be changing. The update will be arriving this week so we won’t actually have to wait that long for it.