Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Fixes Annoying Bug

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The 2.0.1 update for Nintendo Switch has been released and while this is a major update, it will be making some nice changes to the game.

The one update that fans will proabbaly welcome is the fix for the King K. Rool bug that prevented players from actually completing the Adventure Challenge even when the conditions has been met. After installing the update, all you need to do now is load your Adventure save data and it should work fine now.

Other changes that players can find in the update includes the new Piranha Plant, the first DLC character of the game. While some players might have gotten the new fighter for free, others will have to head to the Eshop to purchase the new character for $5.

There will be more characters added into the game in the future inlcuding Joker which was announced at Nintendo Direct this eyar.