Switch’s Travis Strikes Again Released For More Platforms

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Travis Strikes Again was released on the Nintendo Switch early this year and now it looks like the developer is ready to release the game on the other platforms as well.

Announced at Momocon 2019, Travis Strikes Again will be released on PC and PS4. While they did announce that it will be arriving, what they did not reveal was when they plan to release it.

Some people are also wondering if it will be any different from the Switch edition but we will have to wait and see. The developer also did not address whether the game will be released on the Xbox One or not but they did say that more details will be released when they are ready.

The spinoff game for No More Heroes 2 starts off seven years after the event of that game where Travis Touchdown finds himself stuck in a haunted game video console. The game does allow co-op where the other player will be controlling Badman.