Tesla Arcade Feature Announce With New Racing Game

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Tesla has been talking about offering some games in their Tesla model for the longest time now and we are finally seeing it now.

According to Tesla, Tesla Arcade will now come with some new games including Beach Buggy Racing 2. They even have a promotional video for the new feature showing the game being played in a Tesla Model 3.

The driver will be able to play the game using the steering wheels and pedals of the vehicle as controls. There will be about 22 race tracks to choose from. We do not know if every model will get the game.

If racing games are not your thing, there will be other games like the Atari Missile Command and Asteroids. Tesla is also inviting people to their Tesla showroom to test out the game in the vehicle. Tesla added that this will make charging up the vehicle less tedious.

Besides Tesla, other automakers like Mercedes have also announced that they are working on adding gaming abilities to their MBUX infotainment system as well.