The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Co-Op Mode Announce

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Until Dawn, the last game by Supermassive Games was pretty successful and while the developer has already said that the game will not be getting a sequel, fans have been hoping that there will be one. Until Dawn aside, the developer is currently working on a new horror game, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan which will be the first episode of the series.

The game will focus on a group that finds themselves stuck at sea on a pirate ship that is hinted. The developer later revealed that unlike Until Dawn, this game will have a co-op feature where you will experience the game on your side while the others will have his or her own experience with the game.

The idea is pretty interesting so we can’t wait to see how it will play out when it arrived. The game is expected to arrive on the 20th of August and like Until Dawn, every decision you make in the game will affect the ending and the outcome of the situation.

How excited are you for this upcoming horror game?