The Division 2 Brings Back Dark Zone

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The Dark Zone was lso in the first Division game. In the first game, the Dark Zone was an untamed space where players can engage in timed events and Ubisoft is looking to bring that back for The Division 2 and also expanding the concept.

Those that got the chance to try out the upgrade multiplayer mode reported that it is now easier to transtiion from taking down an AI to other players. Enemies are also tougher now and besides watching out for enemies, you will also need to look out for players that are trying to steal your loot.

In the first game, the Dark Zone can be quite intimidating for players but Ubisoft wanted to make it more qelcoming by offering players more reason to stay and explore. They also took away the whole Exraction part of the loors so you won’t have to defend it to get it out of the zone.

Ubisoft also overhauled the Rogue system. Becoming a Rogue will mean explosing your location to the rest of the players.