The Division 2 Raid Matchmaking Finally Coming!

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Fans of the game The Division 2 have been begging for matchmaking for raids for the longest time and it looks like their prayers were finally heard as the developer announced it this week.

According to the Division 2 developer, matchmaking will now be available on the raid but it will only be available on a lower difficulty setting and it will not have access to all available raid loot.

The Operation Dark Hours raid will be one of the raids with Matchmaking. Ubisoft also added that the new Discovery Difficulty will be the only option.

Back in May, Ubisoft announces that Matchmaking will not be part of the raids which upset many of the fans as they express that matchmaking would make the gaming experience even more exciting. Luckily, Ubisoft decided to consider it once more.

The first free episode DC Outskirts” Expedition will also be arriving on the 23rd of July so fans will have that to look forward to.