The Division 2 Second Round Of Beta Testing

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Ubisoft did hold a private technical test for their upcoming game The Division 2 not too long ago and now they have announced another private beta testing but unlike the last test, this will only be avaialble for PC players only.

Ubisoft explain that they want to assess some of the fixes that has been made to the game based on the feedbacks from the last testing. Since this is a Private Beta, only those that get invited will be able to take part in the test. You will be getting an email if you were selected.

The second private testing will be happening ont he 21st of February and the 22nd of Febraury.

If you were not chosen for the Private Beta testing, you can still try out the updated version on the 1st to 4th of March when the public beta will be released.

The Division 2 will be arriving on the 15th of March.