The Simpson Getting A New Game?

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E3 is usually where we hear about the latest news and details that developers and publishers have to reveal about their upcoming or latest games so the fact that The Simpsons are coming to the event had many fans speculating that we might be getting a new Simpson game.

Some people will remember The Simpsons Hit & Run game. Well, fans are now saying that we might actually see a sequel to the game which would be nice but is it really possible. Nothing has been announced yet and we do not who will be attending but some people from The Simpsons will be appearing on the panel on the 11th of June.

Nothing much was announced but it is probably safe to assume that the panel will be stream live like all the other E3 Coliseum panels. The Simpsons are not the only odd one there this year as it was also revealed that Netflix will also be there possibly announce a video game adaptations of its shows.